Welcome! The goal of this survey is to determine what equestrian land management trends are common at horse boarding facilities in the Tryon, Landrum and Campobello areas. I want to know what you experience as an equestrian professional. Answer these questions to the best of your ability, but feel free to leave any blank if they do not pertain to you or your property. The survey is divided into eight sections and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
Confidentiality statement: I am using the results of these surveys to identify management trends in the region to help me better study sustainable horsekeeping. I will never publish your name or address when using your property as an example in my work without your explicit permission. 

To provide your full consent for your responses to be used in this study, please click the box below to continue. 

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1.     What is the farmable (usable) acreage of your property?

How many years have you been in business at this property?

Please provide the name or address of your business in order to prevent duplicates:


Where does the water you give to your horses come from?

Is there a stream, creek or pond on your property?

If there is NOT a stream, creek or pond on your property, how close are you to one?

If there IS a stream, creek or pond on your property, do you know what is upstream of your property?

If there IS a stream, creek or pond on your property, is it accessible to your animals?

Are there any areas where mud is an issue, especially in winter or after a heavy rain?

What is your approach to managing mud in high traffic or low-lying areas?

Grass and Pasture

How many horses live on your property?

How often does your pasture “rest” from grazing? (How often are horses kept off the grass to allow for new growth?)

How do you fertilize your pastures?

Have you noticed any compacting of the soil in your pastures, especially around the fence-line? If yes, how drastic?

Do you have buffer strips between pastures or do paddocks sit right next to each other?

Are your horses turned out in large herds, in small groups, or alone?

How do you manage weeds?


Do you collect manure from pastures?

If you DO collect manure from pastures, what does that process look like?

How do you dispose of your collected manure and shavings?

Waste and Pests

How do you dispose of waste at your farm?

Do you have a recycling bin at your barn?

Do you have any wildlife living on your property (such as opossums, deer, geese, hawks, foxes, wasps, fire ants, bats, etc.)?

What (if any) actions have you taken to manage wildlife on your property?

How do you control flies?


Do you have an arena or otherwise designated riding area?

If you DO have a riding arena, what is the footing?

If you DO have an arena, how frequently do you use water or chemicals to prevent dusty rides?

If you DO have an arena, how often do you have to replace or re-adjust footing due to runoff/rain?

If your property includes trails, how are the trails maintained, and what is the footing like?

If you offer lessons, about how many lessons a week do you teach (including van-in lessons and visiting instructors)?


Of what material is your barn made, including how many stalls (e.g. Metal barn, 10 stalls)?

What kind(s) of footing/bedding do you use in stalls?

Is any part of the barn heated? If so, how?

What kind of lightbulbs do you use: standard or compact fluorescent?

About how many fans (large or otherwise) are used in hot summer months?

How do you and your clients hose down or bathe horses?

What does laundry look like at your barn? (How many loads a week? What type of washers and dryers?)

Management and Opinion

Last section - you're so close!
About how many gas-powered tools (blower, trimmer, lawn mower, tractor, etc.) are used on your property on a daily or weekly basis?

Do you use golf carts, ATVs or other transportation vehicles on your property on a daily basis?

Has anything about your management style changed since the creation of the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) in summer of 2014 (Raising prices, increasing # of boarders, more lessons, traveling, etc.)?

As an equestrian professional, were you ever taught to manage the land along with your horse herd? How so?

Has your herd’s impact on the land or nearby water systems ever been a concern or point of interest to you? How so?

What is your opinion of ecological land management or the environmental movement?

What is something that your barn does particularly well in land management?

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your operation that I've not addressed here?

That's all! Thanks so much!
I am conducting case studies in which I visit properties and create personalized reports to address any questions you may have about how your management style may be impacting your land. If you are interested in participating in my research as a case study property, please contact me (maddensc@email.wofford.edu) and I will schedule visits and interviews accordingly. Thanks so much for helping me learn about sustainable horsekeeping in the Tryon, Landrum, and Campobello areas!

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